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“Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.” - Warren Buffett.
So trust the brokers who know what they’re doing...

We understand - You worked hard to grow your business. You deserve an honest broker who knows the process, has experience on all sides of the sale (seller, buyer, broker, accountant) and knows the market.

We know that it feels like all the brokers want to take an unfairly high commission from your sale…So we don’t!

We realise you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options for selling your business. So we make it simple. It’s an anxious time, you need honest guidance from experienced and knowledgeable brokers who will get you the best deal, at a fair price.

Unlike other brokers, we’ve been there and done it on all sides - we’ve built, scaled and sold our own multimillion-pound international brands, we’ve brokered deals, and we are experts on the finances!

We know what it takes to get you a fair deal with a responsible buyer and get it done!

Selling your e-commerce business is simple:


We value your business

With our experience on all sides and our deep knowledge of your accounts, we’ll get the right valuation for your business.

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We find you a buyer

Through our network of vetted buyers, we find the right buyer to look after your business.


We get the deal done

With our selling system and trusted M&A attorney and solicitor partners, we’ll get the deal over the line.

How we work with you

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You are ready to sell now

You are ready to sell your e-commerce business and need an experienced, honest broker to value your business, find a buyer, guide you through the process and get you the deal your deserve.

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Prepare for sale

You know you want to sell, but you need guidance to improve your business to maximize the potential value in the near future.

Our e-commerce experience of building and selling businesses, combined with our accountancy expertise means we can get your business ready!

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Exit planing

You want to sell down the line (1-2 years), but your business is nowhere near ready, and hasn’t been ‘Built to Sell’. We’ll work with you to rebuild your business from the ground up, and get it positioned perfectly for sale. We’ll tailor our support to your needs. Maybe you only need help with the structure and accounts, or maybe you need ecommerce mentoring too?

Why use a broker

Selling your business is a huge decision and potentially life changing event. You need experienced, specialised brokers. Ideally, they need to have experience on all sides of the equation - owning and running ecommerce businesses, selling ecommerce businesses, accountancy for ecommerce and brokering deals - that’s us!

With a broker, you’re likely to receive a higher price for your business, and experience a smooth and successful exit. Without a broker, deals frequently fall-through and you’re open to giving away your business to buyers for less than you deserve.

With Ecom Brokers, you’re not just getting a ‘middleman’ to connect a seller and a buyer - you’re getting ecommerce experts who will work with you to position and prepare your business for the best possible valuation, deal and exit.

We look after everything - we vet your business, filter out the right buyers for you and even arrange your M&A legal representation for the final negotiation and deal sign-off.

Simply put - when you use the wrong broker, or don’t bother with a broker - you are selling yourself short.

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