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Ecom brokers makes selling your ecommerce business simple, hassle free, fair and clear.

Founded by Ben Leonard and Allison Walker, we’ve been there and done it - on all sides.

Based in the UK, Ecom Brokers works with businesses all over the world

When Ben and Allison worked together on the sale of Ben’s eCommerce business - they noticed a gap in the industry. Where was the brokerage that had the experience of the seller, the broker, the accountant and the eCommerce expert? It didn’t exist…until now.

Ecom Brokers is the eCommerce brokerage by eCommerce people.

We understand - You worked hard to grow your business. You deserve an honest broker who knows the process, has experience on all sides of the sale (seller, buyer, broker, accountant) and knows the market.

We know that it feels like all the brokers want to take an unfairly high commission from your sale…So we don’t!

We realise you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options for selling your business. So we make it simple. It’s an anxious time, you need honest guidance from experienced and knowledgeable brokers who will get you the best deal, at a fair price.

Unlike other brokers, we’ve been there and done it on all sides - we’ve built, scaled and sold our own multimillion-pound international brands, we’ve brokered deals, and we are experts on the finances!

We know what it takes to get you a fair deal with a responsible buyer and get it done!

Our Core Team


Allison Walker


Allison is an award winning, industry trained and a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCMA) with over 20 years experience. Allison is the MD and owner of Mint Accounting, specialists in business finances and growth; particularly eCommerce!

Allison takes an innovative and refreshing approach to accountancy, business planning and exits.

With Allison’s expertise in the financial hurdles businesses face, preparing businesses for sale, and getting deals done - Ecom Brokers understands the situation facing sellers and buyers, knows how to get businesses sale-ready, and is prepared to get fair deals done.


Jon Derkits

Deal Director - North America

Jon is Ecom Broker’s Deal Director for North America, and when it comes to ecommerce and M&A – he knows what he’s talking about.

Jon has 15 plus years in management consulting and technology companies. He’s built teams, processes, products and 10-figure businesses.

Jon is a powerhouse in the ecommerce and M&A space. He’s building his own brands, he’s got insider knowledge as an Ex-Amazonian, he understands buyers as an Ex-Aggregator and he spent a decade at KPMG. With his depth and breadth of experience our clients are in safe hands. In short, Jon has got your back.


Ben Leonard


Best known as the founder of Beast Gear, Ben Leonard is the classic millennial entrepreneur. He built a business on a laptop, in a cupboard, in his spare time. The difference? Ben grew an international 7-figure business and successfully exited after 3 years; the business holy grail.

Ben is Ecom Broker’s brand ambassador and digital marketer. Ben is busy building the network, creating relationships and banging the drum!

In addition to Ecom Brokers, Ben is busy building brands, and helping others follow in his footsteps with his consultancy, courses and mentorship programme

We’re experienced entrepreneurs who build, scale and sell businesses.

Who better to get your business through the sale process?