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January, 2018

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Gifting, Home

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Amazon FBA

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This is a premium homeware brand specialising in Indian handcrafted products. Across the collection, the products are of exceptional quality, with strong review ratings. Products are evergreen, with good demand all year round. Several products are popular anniversary gifts (iron, copper, bronze, silver) and birthday and special occasion gifts (birthday, retirement etc.) This means there is an ever-replenishing market as these anniversaries and occasions happen every day of the year. Customers frequently purchase these gifts multiple times for different recipients. Indeed, all of the brand’s products are frequently bought together with the brand’s other products. Included in the sale are the Amazon Seller Central accounts, trademarks (including Amazon Brand Registry 2.0), design copyright and supplier relationships. The business has experienced consistent sales. Additional opportunities are available such as expansion to new markets, new channels, additional products and social media optimisation. Inventory is produced in India and shipped directly from the manufacturer to Amazon FBA and 3PL warehouses. There are no additional employees associated with the business.